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Your mission is to travel the mountain's steep slopes to reveal its hidden landscape, discover the local spirits (they don't bite... except for one), and light the solstice fires that will illuminate your path to glory. The player who builds the largest mountain panorama, lights the most fires and seduces the most spirits wins the game.

Игра Bruno Cathala и Corentin LebratИллюстрации Manu GorobeïИздано LumberjacksРазработчик: Game Park

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Inspired by a Japanese game (Hanafuda) but here with mountain tiles. They have a value and a color. On your turn, you "capture" a landscape tile of the same value or color as the one played from your hand. Each tile is a piece of the mountain puzzle, and it's up to you to assemble it strategically and somewhat mischievously (yes, you need to keep an eye on your opponent's game too).

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