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+6 years8 minutesОт 2 до 4 игроков

Краткое описание

In the four corners of the pond live four frog princesses, all pretending to the throne. As they explore their future kingdom, they will encounter seductive males, appetizing mosquitoes, bouncing water lilies, devoted maids, but also dangerous pikes! At the end of the adventure, who will be the Queen of the Pond?

Игра Igor PolouchineИллюстрации Claire Wendling и David CochardИздано OrigamesРазработчик: Patrick Beaumé

Как играть


Croak is a game in which your goal is to take control of a pond that is revealed piece by piece as you move your frogs. Learn to make the best use of its resources: males to make babies and expand your colony, mosquitoes and water lilies to deploy more quickly, and reeds to take a rest. However, beware as pikes and enemy frogs will not spare you!

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