Along History
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Along History

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+14 years20 minutesОт 2 до 5 игроков

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Along History lets you relive the human epic through three of its main periods: Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Contemplate thousands of years of human history in just one hour of gameplay! Set out to conquer territories, discover new technologies, recruit illustrious personalities, build wonders, and above all... Prevent your neighbors from developing their civilizations by any means necessary!

Игра François BachelartИллюстрации Antonio MaínezGraphic design by Julie GruetИздано Nostromo ÉditionsРазработчик: Game Park

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The game is divided into several phases, corresponding to the ages to be played: the Prehistoric Age, the Ancient Age and the Middle Ages. Over the course of these ages, each player will have to develop his or her own civilization by acquiring cards via a resource system common to all players. Some cards will bring special bonuses, as well as the possibility of making combos, but beware of Calamity cards, which will bring events to be resolved. At the end of each phase, players score points according to the cards they have acquired and the strategy they have adopted during the game. The winner is the player with the highest civilization score at the end of the Middle Ages.

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