5 Kingdoms
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5 Kingdoms

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Since you were born, you've grown up in captivity among the Alkanian peoples. You've learned to survive and whisper in the ears of the powerful. Now it's time to use to regain power after years spent in the shadows of the 5 Kingdoms.

Игра Florian GrenierИллюстрации Jean-Marie MinguezИздано GRRRE GAMESРазработчик: Game Park

Как играть


The main idea behind the game is the use of cards, with a banner on one side and a character belonging to the kingdom in question on the other. Each time you take a turn, you'll have to place a banner card in the playing area, with the aim of collecting cards while respecting placement and capture constraints. Once you've collected cards, you can either influence and place the banners in your play area to increase your influence in that realm, or recruit and learn about the characters on the back of the banner cards, in order to choose 1 and add it to your council. Characters have effects that activate when they are recruited, or when a certain number of influences in a kingdom is reached, or at the end of the game, in the form of a majority. So you can create your own way of scoring points during the game.

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