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This is a special day in the GrandBois Forest. As happens every century, the thousand-year-old chestnut trees produce a special harvest: Golden Chestnuts! Each forest clan will compete to get their hands on this precious harvest. Everyone is in the starting blocks: Toads croaking, Rabbits squealing, Foxes barking, Raccoons chittering, and Lizards… well, they aren’t making any noise, but they’re still excited. Everyone is ready to rumble, but they all remain wary of Grumpy Bear: nobody stands in his way. Get ready, it’s chestnut time!

Ein Spiel von Frédéric GuérardIllustriert von Camille ChaussyHerausgegeben von The Flying Games und OrigamesAdoptiert von Origames

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Each player secretly plays as one of the 5 Clans. As the players take turns, they lay tiles to keep the Forest growing. At the end of the game, everyone reveals their Clan and collects their Golden Chestnuts. The player with the most Golden Chestnuts is the winner.

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