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Beyond the Sea of Mists lies Alula, a mysterious continent – a peaceful haven, where a harmonious nature reigns. Balance constantly shapes the ever-evolving landscapes of the island. The land regularly shifts, twists and reforms itself, making any attempt at mapping it obsolete. The only way one can master Alula is by walking it, time and again, to make one’s own atlas. Travel this ever-changing world and discover its wonders. Meet its inhabitants, unveil its secrets and gain more fame than your competitors.

Ein Spiel von Johannes Goupy und Corentin LebratIllustriert von Maxime MorinHerausgegeben von Catch Up GamesAdoptiert von Game Park

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In a game of Faraway, you play 8 cards in front of you, from left to right. They represent how you explore the continent. Each card is a Region, and in each of them you’ll discover the wonders the island can offer, and you will meet its denizens. They will ask you to explore the island for them, as they are looking for specific resources. Each Region needs a set amount of time to explore. If you are quick to it, you will have a broader choice for what your next step is. However, taking your time can allow you to find Sanctuaries – hideaways giving you extra fame and bonuses to help you in future explorations. At the end of the game, as you travel all the way back, each denizen whose request you've fulfilled will give you fame. This calculation is done from right to left, contrary to the way you’ve placed the cards. The player with the most fame wins.

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