Spring Festival
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Spring Festival

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+8 years10 minutes2 to 4 players


Chinese New Year celebrates the arrival of spring. It's an opportunity to see the country's best pyrotechnicians perform large-scale pyrotechnic displays. As a pyrotechnician, your aim is simple: to make a lasting impression and be appointed master pyrotechnician by the Emperor.

A game by Alexandre Aguilar and Romaric GalonnierIllustrated by Apolline EtiennePublished by Two MantaAdapted by Game Park

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In Spring Festival, players have to place their fireworks in the best possible position to create chain reactions and explode as many rockets as possible. In this way, they can create compositions of shapes and patterns and achieve their objectives. By completing the sparks, players will win the applause race and the final will be the highlight of the show. For added complexity, players can celebrate the New Year by selecting one of the twelve Chinese sign cards, which will give new victory conditions.

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