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Living Forest

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+10 years40 minutes2 to 4 players


Save the forest and its sacred tree from the terrible flames of Onibi! But how? By planting trees, putting out fires, collecting sacred flowers to awaken Sanki...

A game by Aske ChristiansenIllustrated by Apolline EtiennePublished by LudonauteAdapted by Laetitia Decoudu and Game Park

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In Living Forest, you play as a Spirit of Nature appointed to try and save the Forest and its Sacred Tree from Onibi's relentless attacks. There are three ways to succeed in this task: by planting 12 different Protective Trees, by harvesting 12 Sacred Flowers to awaken Sanki, the great Guardian of the Forest, or by putting out 12 Fires to repel Onibi for good.

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