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+10 years20 minutes3 to 6 players


The King is on vacation and the protection of the capital has been entrusted to the Prince. The brigands intend to take advantage of the latter’s lack of experience to plunder as much wealth as possible. Who will prevail, our young prince or the more resourceful brigand? Brigands is an asymmetrical bluffing game that pits a prince against rival bands of brigands, each vying for ingenuity and nerve to be richer than the others. The prince has 6 days to capture as many robbers as possible, in order to reach the goal set by his father, the King. If he fails to do so, the richest robber wins the game.

A game by Florian Boué and Laurène BrosseauIllustrated by Sylvain AublinPublished by Aspic GamesAdapted by Théo Grégorio

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At each turn, using their cards, the robbers secretly choose the areas of the city which they send their friends. Each district allows one action. When all of the robbers are placed, the prince places his patrols in the city. The places where the comparses have gone are revealed and and place them on the Neighborhood tiles. Wherever a patrol is located, the robbers will be sent to jail.

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