AracKhan Wars
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AracKhan Wars

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+12 years20 minutes2 players


AracKhan Wars is a strategic, competitive card game based on the Fantasy story of Arackhan. Give life to the characters of the story of AracKhan through epic duels. Create powerful combos and crush your opponent.

A game by Robert Palmer and Mickaël BourIllustrated by Robert PalmerPublished by Nothing But GamesAdapted by Game Park

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Take control of your favourite Province and choose wisely the 23 cards that will constitute your deck with a total of 125 points maximum. Skillfully place your creatures and cast powerful spells to defeat your adversary. One goal: to have the most added card values on the battlefield at the end of the 9th and final round.

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Build your Faction decks!

On AracKhan Wars, you can prepare your decks before facing the other players. Each deck must consist of 23 cards of the same Faction, for a total value of 125 points.


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